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ŪKAS represents the best quality contemporary, non-standard home, office and public furniture that meets the spirit of the time and offers interesting and attractive interior design solutions.

We have found a successful niche in the Lithuanian and Baltic markets. Investing in modernization of the production, makes us capable of producing high-quality multi-purpose, non-standard furniture. By adapting flexibly to the needs of an innovative life, we value and process production processes accordingly. Taking into account the trends in the global furniture design market, we produce modern, ergonomic and high quality furniture. In order to meet the various consumer needs, in the future we intend to expand the production of furniture from solid wood.

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Choose us because

We are furniture design professionals

We manufacture from various materials

We use high quality fittings

We manufacture, ship and install

We provide assurance for our products

We have a flexible pricing policy


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We have achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications.

Attention to quality

Pursuit of quality is one of the most important requirements for our company. We strive for quality in our managing processes, environment protection, health of our workers, enhancing qualifications and decision making. Therefore, our vision is the gradual interaction of all management systems, including a business management system that can satisfy all groups of people that are interested: the public, shareholders, consumers and the employees themselves. Being flexible and dynamic, we respond to each client’s request, we quickly implement innovations in the production process, guaranteeing the quality of the products of ŪKAS.